Why do I need a Wedding Day Manager?

(AKA Month of COordinator)

The Answer Is Simple.

The answer is Simple: Do you want to work on your wedding day? Do you want your family, bridal party, friends to come to your wedding and Work? And not just the DAY of, but the months and weeks leading UP TO the day?

NO! Trust me. No, you don’t. And here are MANY, MANY Reasons why.

Your wedding day is literally one of THE Most important, memorable days you will ever have in your life. There are a lot of moving parts and so much that MUST Be addressed. To just ask someone who is Not a professional to do it, can not only leave the door open for mistakes but RUIN a relationship with your friend or family member. Trust me on this. I’ve seen it. And it’s not worth it. And it never will be.

I’m sure you have heard the terms Month of Coordination and Day of Coordination. But let’s be completely 100% honest here. There is absolutely no way that anyone, even a professional can just show up ON the day of your wedding and know everything that is taking place, who, what, when, where and why!  That’s why I prefer the term “Wedding Manager”.

The Term “Coordination”.

Then why do I have the term “Coordination” and “Month of and Day of” on my website? Because there are more people than not who still use that term and I don’t see it ever going away.  But the truth is, a Wedding Planner/Coordinator’s job starts LONG before your wedding day.

Our job for you, our commitment to you, is that we ensure that every vendor you have has a point of contact so that they are not disturbing you on your wedding day. I mean do you really want to have to leave the makeup chair to run out to the reception area to greet your vendors? To tell them where to set up, what to set up, how to set it up? Nope! You don’t.  Not only that, the months and weeks leading up to the day, your vendors are going to have questions and need answers and many times Brides don’t know those answers or how to best answer them. That’s why a Certified wedding planner/Coordinator/Wedding Manager is such a ASSET to you and your family and your Day.

We Know Those Questions.

We know those questions to ask at meetings. We know those things to look for in your contract. I know how to create a custom timeline that you will have FULL access to as well as your vendors.  We also know all those little details to remember that you may not think of. New brides are always so full of hope and happiness and excitement and some anxiety. They all go hand in hand when pulling together a wedding. But if you have never been married before and never had to plan anything other than a back yard bbq get together for your family then you will be overwhelmed and not sure where to start or HOW To start this process.

That is where a experiences Certified Wedding Planner comes in. We have the education and experience that will allow you to RELAX and not stress. Or at least not stress as much. I mean let’s be honest, you could have 2 wedding planners and as a Bride, you will have some form of anxiety over things because that is just NORMAL, you are human! But we want you to know, we are HERE FOR YOU. We are your liason to all those vendors, those questions, those details, the emails, the particulars to the moving engine that is your wedding day.

You should not have a worry in the world when you wake up on your wedding. Your job is to wake up, get pampered and Get MARRIED! Let us deal with vendors, arrival times, set up, décor set up, timelines, first looks, catering questions.
At the end of the day, NOTHING and I mean nothing means more to me than when the mother of the bride comes up to me and says “Thank you! Thank you for letting me to enjoy my daughters wedding and not stress over it! You were the best Money I spent on this entire day! I Cannot thank you enough!” And THAT Is what I hear. I want to hear that for you.
Maybe you think you cannot afford a Coordinator? The answer is YES you can. We look at your budget, your needs and we can always create a Custom Package that fits your budget and needs.

Let us Help you Remember the beauty of your day.

Until next time……….. may love follow you home, may laughter fill your ears. May peace find it’s way to your heart and May you always have Chocolate.

All my Best, Bretta

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Whether you are having a backyard wedding at home or a wedding at the Zoo every couple gets the same level of Professionalism and Dedication and attention that they deserve.

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We love weddings. We love watching a wedding come together and we LOVE being a part of a day where we am able to witness the joining of two people’s lives into ONE.

This isn’t a Job. A job, to us, is something you have to do. We WANT to do this. We continue to grow, learn, challenge ourselves and see trends changing. It’s so much fun! It’s a happy time. A special and beautiful day for everyone involved.

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