Wedding Insurance and Why You Need It

You have spent the last year or possibly more planning your dream wedding. Every detail has been touched upon, every flower meticulously picked out, color palates chosen, place settings are perfect and you attended 8 Catering Tastings before finally picking the PERFECT caterer.

You have spent hundreds of hours meeting with vendors, paying deposits, signing contracts, attending meetings, and tastings…. and now you are down to about 60 days.
You can BREATHE! Relax, sit back…and WAIT for the wedding day.

Your wedding day has been a major investment and you have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars securing the best DJ, photographer, venue, cake artist, and more!

Wedding Venue
Wedding Venue

So why wouldn’t you protect your investment? As a Wedding Planner and Wedding Day Coordinator, I am often asked “Do I really need Wedding Day insurance?” My answer is always the same: YES. You do. And here are some reasons why.
Wedding insurance is event insurance that will protect you from financial losses in certain instances that involve your wedding day.

This event insurance is there to protect you from potentially massive losses that fall under your big day. Some event insurance companies will offer different packages that allow you to choose the type of coverage you want for specific items or specific instances.

Let’s say you have a large tent rented for your reception or wedding. And the day before a really bad storm blows through and destroys the tent, and the décor inside and leaves little to nothing left.

The event insurance you have will protect that investment and send you a check for the amount you paid for the tent and the items destroyed. No, it won’t come out that day, and restore everything and allow your wedding day to proceed. But knowing that you didn’t lose all of that money and will get that money back is a Huge relief in itself.

There are varying levels of event insurance security and you always want to sit down with an experienced event insurance provider and really go over their policies and what they provide.

Now, some venues DO provide this as added protection that is built into their policies/contracts. But many venues do not and they require you to provide Event Liability insurance to protect your investment.

They may also want you to get it if you are having alcohol served, even if the venue provides the bar service. It covers accidental alcohol-related injuries that could happen to you or your guests. This is called LIQUOR LIABILITY INSURANCE. And more and more venues require it if you wish to have a wedding at their venue.

It can also cover wedding cancellations. You probably think, “There is NO way I am canceling my wedding. We love each other and that’s not happening!” I am not talking about THAT kind of cancellation.

  • Weather-related damage that destroys the venue or location so severely that you cannot have an event that day.
  • Illness to the bride or groom that prevents them from being able to attend.
  • Military deployment USAA Does offer military members Cancellation Coverage so definitely look into this if you are a Member of the armed forces
  • Bridal attire or décor that gets lost or is incorrect can also be covered along with vendor no-shows/last-minute cancellations that won’t allow your wedding to proceed. (Catering, DJ, Photographer, videographer)
  • Death in the family
Wedding Venue
Wedding Venue
Garfield Park and Conservatory Elopement

Wedding Day Event Insurance is typically for things beyond the couple’s control and not usually for “We can’t afford this wedding anymore”.

There are many different levels of protection you can get and it’s always wise to have your Wedding planner/coordinator attend these meetings with you as well.

Another place to look for coverage is your homeowner’s insurance policy or your parent’s homeowners insurance if they are paying for the wedding. Some policies will have a rider that can be used or added to provide additional coverage.

It can protect things like wedding rings, family heirloom jewelry, bridal dress, etc.

I cannot stress enough that you have INVESTED in your wedding day.

We cannot tell the future. We cannot predict the Future and we learned this from the pandemic/COVID. We had so many couples postpone and even cancel their wedding because we just didn’t know WHEN it was going to be able to happen.

So INVEST in event Insurance to PROTECT that investment.

We are happy to guide you and help you seek out Event insurance so contact us to set up a meeting to see what services we offer that can help to take a lot of the stress of wedding planning off of your shoulders.

From wedding planning to day of coordination to officiating…we are here for you every step down the aisle.

Cheers to your Future……….

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