The Wedding Industry Circle of Trust

When I started my wedding business 11 years ago I will admit that I was completely naïve. I had never owned a business before and I was walking into unknown territory.

As a wedding Officiant I had some weddings under my belt but when I look back at HOW I did things? I CRINGE! But hey, we ALL Start somewhere right?

Over the years I made some connections in the wedding and event industry here and there, usually in passing at a wedding. But I will admit I pretty much kept to myself. I didn’t network at all and I didn’t rely on anyone to guide or coach me on how to do anything.

What a mistake that was. I spent YEARS keeping up walls and not letting anyone in and just minding my own business.

Over the years however, I have made some of the most AMAZING Friendships with some absolutely incredible people in the industry.

This industry is a HARD one to be in. Yes, there is SO MUCH Competition. There are so many others who do the exact same thing I do and I would always let that get in my head. But I was looking at this ALL WRONG.

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There will ALWAYS Be competition in any industry. But I have learned that I am only making it competitive if I CHOOSE To make it competitive.

I have many Officiant, Wedding Planner and wedding Coordinator friends now and I don’t see them as competition at all.

We have connected, learned so much about each other and built trust within our relationship that has truly led to some lifelong friendships.

We ask each other for support and ideas. We recommend one another and use each other’s services for our clients.

There can be those that will always see EVERYONE as a threat and sadly I feel this is detrimental to a person’s business.

Women specifically in this industry can form some amazing relationships because we connect on a level OUTSIDE Of business. Most of us are wives, moms, grandmothers, sisters. We have those similar lifestyles and so we can relate and connect in those ways as well.

Wedding Days Are So Important!

Wedding Planners and Wedding Coordinators have some of the most stressful jobs out there. We are literally holding, building and helping create one of the most important days in a couples lives. They are relying on us to help them have a stress free, organized and beautiful wedding day.

Having close and trustworthy relationships and connecting with other like minded friends/vendors in this industry can be such a Powerful and POSITIVE EXPERIENCE!

I mean when you think about it, you can’t really talk to your dentist about your latest couple you are working with and ask their advice or opinion. They can listen, but they have nothing to toss in that hat as far as help or advice go.

Many times, couples will ask us to guide them when it comes to finding and securing Wedding Vendors for their day. The last thing we want to do is to recommend less than STELLAR.

That’s why I have my own list of Preferred Vendors that I personally recommend and would use for my own daughter’s wedding day. These are Businesses and people that I know will provide the highest level of Professionalism. They will go above and beyond for their clients and give them an amazing experience.

Don’t be afraid to be friends with “the competition”.  But you don’t NEED To make them competition. Get to know them. Meet for lunch and learn about EACH OTHER. Start off with those simple meetings and see what happens and develops.

This industry is a HARD industry to navigate and it’s even harder and more lonely when you have NO ONE  that you can trust and turn to.

My hope for you, is that you can have some of these amazing relationships and feel supported, valued and trusted just as I Do.

Until next time…….stay well…………. Bretta

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Our Difference

Whether you are having a backyard wedding at home or a wedding at the Zoo every couple gets the same level of Professionalism and Dedication and attention that they deserve.

We know what goes into a wedding day. We know the stress that can come with it, the frustration, the confusion, the expense, the questions! But we am here to help relieve that stress and guide you so that you don’t have to feel that way.

Why Choose Us?

We love weddings. We love watching a wedding come together and we LOVE being a part of a day where we am able to witness the joining of two people’s lives into ONE.

This isn’t a Job. A job, to us, is something you have to do. We WANT to do this. We continue to grow, learn, challenge ourselves and see trends changing. It’s so much fun! It’s a happy time. A special and beautiful day for everyone involved.

Having Trouble Finding the Perfect Venue?

You’re Not Alone. And We Are Here to Help!

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