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Let’s Talk About It…

Lets Talk About It…

This subject seems to be the #1 topic of concern and worry and frustration and FEAR. Let’s REMOVE this fear entirely from your planning list. Which fear you ask? I have so many!!! (I get it) 

Let’s talk about your ceremony script. Because this comes up a lot with couples.

I had a couple ask me yesterday if it was ok to do something different for their wedding script/vows and then apologize for being so difficult.


This is not my wedding day. This is no one’s wedding day but you and your fiancés. 

Your ceremony should reflect 2 people and two people ONLY. THE BOTH OF YOU.

I am a huge advocate for my couples and I work for YOU. I am on your side 100%. Always. Every single day. 

That’s Right

Whether you’re having a huge formal wedding or a simple elopement, this is YOUR DAY. This is your time. 

This is your moment to do exactly what you have always dreamed about. 

There are so many ways, options, unity ceremonies, readings, prayers that can be incorporated into a ceremony script.  

We perform non religious, religious, same sex, pagan, themed weddings (yes, I wore rabbit ears once upon request). 

I’m still waiting to be asked to dress like Princess Leia! I hear the Death March at least a dozen times a year at weddings. Fulfill my dream and slap some Buns on this officiants head! Lol 

But I help you every step of the way and believe me when I say this: it’s a easy, easy process. 

And you have full editing and customization rights. But I create 95% of the script for you. 

It’s sent to you almost fully completed and then together we get it exactly, perfectly You.

I start the process by simply asking questions. About 20 to be exact. 

From there I begin the process. 

This should not be a hard task. This should not take weeks to complete. This should not have you running for the liquor cabinet crying and screaming “why God WHY?” Lol  save that for the bachelorette Party!!! 

You have enough to deal with and this doesn’t need to be something you stress over. And I ensure you don’t. 

I work closely with couples to create a script that is PERFECTLY YOU! Want some humor? Do you want to tell a story about how you met? Got engaged? How many dogs you have or how much you LOVE DR. PEPPER? Trust me. I’ve read it all. And I LOVE IT! 

There are no rules.

No rights.

No wrongs.

This is your time and I encourage my couples to think outside the box. Have fun with this and make it memorable!

So don’t ever ask me if it’s “ok” or apologize. There’s no need for either.

Let’s tell your Love story!

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No Ceremony Weddings

Our Difference

Whether you are having a backyard wedding at home or a wedding at the Zoo every couple gets the same level of Professionalism and Dedication and attention that they deserve.

We know what goes into a wedding day. We know the stress that can come with it, the frustration, the confusion, the expense, the questions! But we am here to help relieve that stress and guide you so that you don’t have to feel that way.

Why Choose Us?

We love weddings. We love watching a wedding come together and we LOVE being a part of a day where we am able to witness the joining of two people’s lives into ONE.

This isn’t a Job. A job, to us, is something you have to do. We WANT to do this. We continue to grow, learn, challenge ourselves and see trends changing. It’s so much fun! It’s a happy time. A special and beautiful day for everyone involved.

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