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When planning a wedding you will naturally have a lot of questions. Here is a list of frequently asked questions that I receive as an Officiant.

How do we file for our marriage license?

That’s EASY! You simply go down to your local County Clerks office. You must go together and have proper identification. You can also apply online to make the process a little faster but you both must be present to pick it up.  Once you apply and have the paperwork your license is good for 60 days. 

Do We Have To Have A Religious Wedding?

No, you do not. This is YOUR wedding. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your wedding. I have performed many weddings with no mention of any religion, a little mention and some with simple non-denominational prayers. 

Can you help us write our vows if we don't know what to say?

This is a service that is included in your price. I do not charge extra for helping you write your wedding vows. I have helped many couples write their vows and I even print them out on beautiful, quality stock paper and leave them for you to keep for your wedding book.

What are some different types of ceremonies we can incorporate into ours to make is special?

There are so many beautiful things that you can do that are easy and simple to make your day even more special. I have a lot of information on things like a Rose Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, Ribbon Ceremony and Hand Fasting, Wine box and many more. I am more than happy to help you learn about some of these special touches to make your day unique..

Who files the wedding license after the ceremony?

Typcially, the Clerks Office will give a self addressed envelope to mail it in. You can also return it in person as well. You will take it back to the same County Clerks office that you applied for the license at originally.  Anyone can return the license but you both must be present to pick it up. 

What forms of payment do you accept?
I accept the following:
  • Paypal
  • Venmo
  • Zelle
  • CashApp
  • ApplePay
  • Personal Check
  • Cash.
A deposit is required to book a service with us.
I do have a contract with each couple for any service booked and at our initial meeting you will  receive a copy of that contract as well. 
Can we choose our officiant?

In most cases, yes. We do ask if you have a preference to let us know so we can check their booking calendar.

Do you step out of the kiss shot?

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. This is Not our moment. It’s yours.

What does a officiant wear?

We dress very professionally. Men always wear a Dark suit, tie, white shirt and dress shoes. Our female officiants always wear a dress, or dress suit with jacket or Pant suit. We understand you are paying a lot for pictures and we are in them with you. Having a professionally groomed and well dressed officiant is showing respect to you both on your wedding day. We want those pictures and video to be as beautiful as you envision them to be.

Can you suggest some vendors?

Sure! Take a look at our Suggested Vendor page and if you need a few more just give us a call or send a email.

Can we Write our own script?

Of course! We just ask that you email it to us one week prior to the ceremony so that we can read it multiple times and become familiar and comfortable with it. Sounding scripted is a pet peeve with officiants. We want to tell your LOVE STORY!

Do you charge extra mileage?

No we don’t. The price we quote you is it. No hidden extras. If you move the location however, or need to have the rehearsal at a much further location after the contract is signed, there could be an extra Fee for travel, but if nothing changes, then the price doesn’t change either. We ask that you give us as much notice as possible if the location does move so that we can see if any changes need to be made.

Can you do the rehearsal at a different location, our Venue doesn’t have any rehearsal times due to bookings?

We sure can! We do rehearsals at different locations such as restaurants, back yards and parks all the time. We also can do “Day of Rehearsals” as well. Typically this is done a few hours before the ceremony if needed. We also have arrived one hour EXTRA early to do the rehearsal on the day of if you cannot utilize your venue the day before.

We are already legally married, but no one knows, are you comfortable keeping this secret? What secret?

What are you talking about? LOL YES! You are CONFIDENTIAL. Our lips are sealed.

Can you coordinate our rehearsal?

Absolutely! Our officiant’s are trained to run a smooth, flawless rehearsal. We touch on all details from who is walking the mothers down the aisle, grandparents, who will have the rings? Do you have flower girls and ring bearers? They are included as well. A Well Coordinated Rehearsal means a Beautiful wedding.

Can we have our dogs in the ceremony? Or Cat? Or Horse?

We LOVE ALL Animals! Our pets are like our children and we love when a couple includes them as part of their ceremony.

Do we have to exchange rings, we have tattoos?

No, you don’t have to exchange rings. Maybe think about incorporating a unity ceremony in place of the ring ceremony. Check out our “Unity ceremony” tab.

Do we have to say our own vows? I am so nervous speaking in front of people?

Absolutely not. We understand that your wedding day can bring some anxious nerves and we know not everyone is able to speak in front of a crowd with ease. Many couple’s prefer to just say “I DO” instead of reading vows to one another. Another option, is for you and your fiance to write those personal vows to one another and exchange them at a first look instead.

Do we have to have a first look?

Simple answer, No. If you still want to exchange vows with one another, as explained above, you can have someone hand deliver your personal words to your fiance to read in private.

Do you stay for the reception and do I need to include you in the dinner seating?

While we greatly appreciate the offer we typically do not stay for dinner.

When do we sign the marriage license on the day of the wedding?

We have a few options. If you are doing a first look and have a busy schedule with photographers after the ceremony we can sign the marriage license before the wedding. We can also wait until after the ceremony has concluded. Typically, we ask that you meet us immediately after in the bridal suite or private area. This also allows you to have a few moments to breathe, decompress and maybe have a celebratory glass of Champagne! We always prefill the marriage license upon arriving at the venue so all we have to do is sign on 3 lines and VOILA! Task accomplished.

Do we need witnesses?

Technically, No. The Marriage license that must be returned to the Clerks office does not require witness signatures. The Decorative copy that many counties give you is a “keepsake” certificate and that does have a place for witnesses to sign. But in Indiana, witnesses are not a requirement.

Do we both have to take back the license?

No, anyone can return it for you.

Do you charge extra for performing multiple Unity Ceremonies?

Absolutely Not. This is your Wedding. If you want 2, or 3 or 4 Unity ceremonies, we do not charge extra.

Do you sell our information or pass it along to other vendors?

NO. Again, confidentiality. We NEVER sell or give away or pass on your information to anyone.

What if you get sick and cannot perform our ceremony?

We have you covered. 100%. We have never in 10 years had to cancel a wedding or didn’t show up. I cannot imagine ever doing this to anyone. We have a team of experienced officiants ready to step in.

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