Let’s Talk about Pricing
out your Vendors

Because It Needs To
Be Talked About!

Let’s talk about Pricing out your Vendors. Because this NEEDS to be talked about.

First off, I understand everyone has a budget. They have that NUMBER they want to try to stick to.

And YES, you SHOULD Have a budget and a number that you both agree on. There is no need to go in debt over your wedding day.

This is why hiring a Certified Wedding Planner/Coordinator/Wedding Day Manager can be SO effective and YES…..Help you to stay within that budget.

Wedding Venue
Wedding Venue

Interview Potential Wedding Vendors

When you are interviewing potential wedding vendors (yes, you SHOULD be interviewing them), it’s extremely important to ask a lot of questions and to learn about this company or person who will be a part of your day. You are placing your TRUST in this company/person to provide a service on a very expensive day that you are investing in.

But one rule of thumb will ALWAYS hold true: CHEAPER IS NOT BETTER.

You may be tempted to go with the guy who is $500-1000 Cheaper than everyone else. But Be Cautious. There may be a reason behind that cheap price tag.

For example, the industry Standard for a Day of Coordinator in Indianapolis is about $1200-$1600. So when we see FB posts in wedding Groups for a $400 Day of coordinator we literally cringe. Because most likely this person is NOT a real Coordinator and is someone who is doing this as a side hustle and probably isn’t even carrying Liability Insurance. They probably don’t even have a website. And yes, we see it ALL The time.

Do Your Due Diligence

We understand everyone has to start somewhere. And choosing someone new to the industry is NOT a bad thing. Just make sure they are doing their due diligence in this industry and are doing everything they can to portray a professionally run business.

Are they A real Indiana business? Do they carry a EIN? Are they paying Taxes?

Do they have a website? References? Social media with pictures? Are they known amongst their peers and in a good way?

Do they have INSURANCE? This is SO important!

Do they have contracts that are in place that will protect you and them? What is their policy on Cancellations? Postponements?

How long have they been in the industry? How many events have they planned or Coordinated?

What led them to want to be in this industry and what is their experience?

Wedding Venue
Garfield Park and Conservatory Elopement

Ask Ask Ask Ask Questions!

I have been at weddings where a couple hired a very Cheap Coordinator, and she did nothing but stand around the food tables eating her food and maybe told guests where to sit. No timeline was created. No décor set up properly.

Vendors had NO CLUE where to set up or who was in charge. She was someone doing it on a side hustle for a little spending money and the bride’s day was a wreck! I was the Officiant for the wedding and I had to step in and do the coordinator’s job and the Wedding ceremony itself was Great.

I have been at a wedding where the couple hired a $500 photographer who had to be TOLD to take pictures because they simply had NO CLUE how to take control of the situation and get the bridal party and family to participate in photos. Their equipment was old, batteries not charged, they were late arriving. They got what they paid for! No website. No contract. Nothing. They just liked the cheap price tag. Mistake!

Your Wedding Day Is An Investment!

Your wedding Day is an INVESTMENT! You are spending a lot of money on a venue, floral, photographers, food, bar service, transportation.
Going cheap on vendors who are not experienced, insured, professional and in this for YOU, is not going to do you any favors.

There is a reason that Professional Vendors have a higher price. We have the EXPERIENCE you DESERVE and want. We are educated in our field. We are passionate about what we do for YOU! We pay for Insurance, we keep up on the industry and trends and attend bridal shows, networking seminars, we may have SEO/Marketing/Website expenses, and SO much more.

Cheaper isn’t always better when hiring a wedding Vendor.

Ask why their pricing is what it is. They will be honest about it.

There is so much that goes into being a business owner that many people don’t understand. Unless you have been a Business owner it’s hard to sit back and understand why pricing is what pricing is.

And yes there are a lot of business owners out there who charge prices that are sky high and way out of the industry standard and THOSE vendors may not be great ones either.

Wedding Venue
Wedding Venue

The Way to Tell?

The way to tell? ASK these questions. Do your research. Look them up on Google. Look at their website. Ask for references. Talk to the venue, other venues. Look at the contract. Ask to see their work.
And meet with them. Multiple times if you have to.

Being a Wedding officiant, Wedding Planner and Wedding coordinator is my passion. I cannot imagine doing anything else. And I have worked very hard the last 10 years to solidify my place is in this industry and city as someone who is trustworthy, honest, hard working and Fair.

We are Preferred vendors at many venues across the state and for good reason. We are transparent, open, honest , dedicated and Love what we do and we provide the BEST service possible to EVERYONE!

If you have a need for a Certified wedding planner or month of coordinator also known as Day of coordinator or a wedding officiant please reach out. I would love to sit and talk with you, buy you coffee and let you know about me, my business and why I do what I do.

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